Support kit for beginning teachers in rural and remote communities

Welcome to all beginning teachers at Sandy Plains State School. You have chosen a very rewarding journey in your education career by positioning yourself at our school. Teaching in rural and remote Australia provides many benefits in evolving your career, however there will be challenges along the way through everyone’s personal learning journey. This blog provides insights into just a few of the types of challenges you will face in your time here at Sandy Plains and other rural and remote locations. The first issue discusses the importance of building positive relationships with the families of the students and the wider community. You will be introduced to some support strategies and information on ways to develop and maintain these partnerships. The second issue for your concern is working with students from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Backgrounds and the challenges these students face. All the information here is linked to the relevant ATISL Standards of Education relating to the teaching experiences you will encounter. We hope that the resources we have provided you with will guide you on your journey of excellence here with the students at Sandy Plains State School.