Blog for beginning teachers of the outback

This section enable you as a teacher to share your thoughts and experiences about teaching in outback Australia. Public viewers can also add their comments to your posts, creating an online community of support and collaboration. 

So why teach rural or remotely?

  • Teaching in a remote community offers you a wealth of opportunities. Many teachers who have worked in the Remote Teaching Service say it is the highlight of their teaching careers.
  • You are part of creative and innovative practices every day and work in environments where flexibility is paramount. No two days are ever the same.
  • As a member of a smaller team, you may be involved in whole school planning and decision making, participate in school based leadership roles, share personal interests and talents in specialist programs as well as learn about new subject areas.
  • Generally, a class size in a remote school is smaller than traditional metropolitan classrooms. This enables you to develop deeper relationships with students and families. There are opportunities to teach multi-aged groups and, in many schools, you remain with that class for two or more years.


Best of luck!